Thursday, 6 November 2014

Underway Again

Our time in Indonesia drew to a close and we reluctantly said our goodbyes, hugged our friends hard and returned to Carina. Well, almost. While we were on shore at Tahuna, the rising tide and large swell conspired with a stern anchor fast on an unseen rock, to nearly swamp the dinghy. We stood on the city breakwater and pulled but Bacio would come up short on the anchor and ship water. Finally, Leslie removed her hat and glasses, jumped in the water, swam two strokes and hoisted herself aboard. Releasing some line on the anchor and then bailing rapidly, the dinghy was finally stable and able to close the shore to pick up Philip.

We departed yesterday at 1034 local time riding an outgoing tide onto a calm sea. Sangihe's volcano was covered in a storm cloud as we were warmed by the tropical sun. Not expecting wind we settled into a slow motor-sail north. Later, the sun set amongst a sky filled with squally patches bearing ominous grey underpinnings as the nearly full moon rose early.

Thankfully it was a quiet night, though our peace was not complete as the little diesel hummed and vibrated a bit with ever-changing currents. Jake spent the evening accompanying us on watch outdoors, snoozing but ever-alert for small songbirds who would visit to roost and rest. The catamaran Emma Peel moved silently a few miles off on our starboard stern quarter, her shadow steady on our radar screen.

This morning finds us just west of the very top of Indonesia, the diminutive islands of Marore, Kawio and Kemboling. As the sky began to brighten, their navigation lights faded and a north swell and southbound current slowed our progress. There is no hope of making the Philippines by nightfall now.

Still, we'll push on and arrive tomorrow or creep our way in later. Everything now is dictated by currents, predicted to strengthen even more as we head north.

So far, so good.

At 11/5/2014 and 21:05 UTC (GMT) our position was: 04°38.26'N / 125°17.39'E.
We were traveling 016T dpegrees e at 2.3 knots.

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