Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Not Yet There

Yesterday we tacked about six times with the NE headwinds and of 66 nm traveled we really made 44 nm to the good...but that's almost due east which is important. We needed the easting; a constant worry of cross-equatorial passages! Hand steered most of the night to keep Carina moving. Weird currents tugging on the wheel, sloppy seas, and slow movement through the water make the Monitor windvane steering useless when winds are so light. No squalls overnight which made the sea around glow in the starlight. The twin squall this morning made up for it - winds screeched from the ESE and then half way through they reversed and came from NNE. Then nothing but sloppy calm. Makes for exciting sailing, if only for a few minutes.

Looking forward to promised SEerly trades. Ten knots and we'll fly right along the rhumb line! We're hoping the GRIB gods have gotten it right this time. Would be a welcome change!

About 870 nm under our keel about about 370 to go, but that's assuming no tacking. Looking forward to fresh food, we're surviving on our bountiful stores of tinned rations. Ran out of honey today, though, and that is a bummer.

At 9/28/2016 and 1:08 UTC (GMT) our position was: 04°26.57'N / 152°42.17'E.
We were traveling 061T degrees true at 2.7 knots.

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