Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pleasant Sailing

We checked of Palau on July 30th and after two mini crises - a clogged fuel filter and a alternator circuit breaker accidentally tripped - we were on our way by 1130 local. Catching the outgoing tide, we rode it out the west pass at over six knots into a confused but manageable swell.

We've had a day and a half of nearly perfect sailing to weather. Dry skies, light winds and only a little adverse current. Everyone is well; even Jake is reveling in the cool breezes, visiting often in the cockpit for a belly rub and a nap.

Ahead of us are Helena and Soggy Paws, though they continue to pull further away as they are much bigger than wee Carina.

We are getting hints of the Perseid meteor showers to come with occasional bursts of light on the starlit skie. A claire de lune hung low, glowing, over the masthead light of Helena last evening and slowly sank into the dusky ground fog. Tonight there was no moon.

We've switched to Philippines time, so the dawn is slow to come and the horizon aft is dark with convective clouds over Palau, though a morning star shines bright. Our sky overhead is still star studded above the sea level morning fog.

At 7/31/2014 and 07:26 UTC (GMT) our position was: 07°28.20'N / 133°01.45'E.
We were traveling 281T degrees true at 2.9 knots.

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