Sunday 24 December 2017

//WL2K - Carina Dispatch

Dear Friends;

The winter solstice has now passed and we are looking forward to lengthening days here at 48 degrees north where our mostly-cloudy maritime climate makes many days seem shorter than the statistics would suggest. Rain here at sea level means the mountains that surround us are frosted with snow that glitters brilliantly when the chilly winds of the Arctic clear our skies. Now tied to the dock at Kingston, WA in the USA, at least for now, we are staying cozy aboard as we turn our attentions to Carina after spending the fall working on our home. The park at the head of the dock and many boats glow with holiday lights that bring lots of smiles to tots of all ages.

Halyard, our kitten, is growing fast and his antics warm our souls. He'll never step into the boots of the fat cat but is developing his own distinct and endearing personality.

As we reflect upon 2017, we are thankful we safely endured the four month, 6,000+ nm journey home where we are nearer to our family and our oldest of friends. We have thousands of memories of good people all around the Pacific that are being renewed as we begin to tell our story and revisit our photos. We miss these faces and their smiles, which makes us realize the impact they have had on our lives. We are indeed very fortunate people.

Happy holidays with love,
Your friends of the yacht Carina,
Philip, Leslie and our fuzzy young crew, Halyard


At 11/2/2017 and 14:49 UTC (GMT) our position was: 47°47.68'N / 122°29.92'W

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