Saturday, 29 August 2015

Free at Last

After 10 months on Samal Island - three of them in the boatyard living on the tarmac - Carina exited Holiday Oceanview Marina today looking quite spiffy. We are rusty sailors but exhilarated and maybe just a wee bit exhausted from weeks of frenzied preparation. Throw in weekly motorbike ramblings on the bumpy roads of Samal Island, a trip to the USA, an angioplasty in Manila, dozens of new friends, and you have an eventful and chaotic year. Everyone's healthy and Carina's ready, so off we go to Indonesia to continue our journey.

At 8/29/2015 and 6:27 UTC (GMT) our position was: 06°57.82'N / 125°41.43'E
At Talikud Island's Marine Park, Davao Gulf

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