Sunday 29 November 2015


The eastern sky is bright, though dotted with deep grey clouds. The waning moon is still high in the sky. Jake sleeps soundly along the coaming, using coiled lines to cushion his bony old body. Our second night at sea is coming to an end and we are finally sleeping soundly during our 3 hour off-watches. Progress has been slow, though Carina skips along nicely just now with about 10 knots of wind. A series of short period waves has been added to our long graceful ocean swell and the motion is a bit less smooth than it had been. But we are sailing! Dawn yesterday brought near calm and we spent hours moving at a knot or less; vaguely in the direction we want to go. At that point we had used a wee bit more fuel than we'd wanted to on this passage, considering the distance remaining to Palau, so we practiced patience and worked the sails so Carina kept moving. A clear cloudless wind-less sky seemed like a vortex as puffy white clouds surrounded us at a distance. Eventually the clouds moved to us, or we to them, and a breeze filled in just after noon and we began finally to move.

With almost 400 nm still to go, across a sea not known for steady winds, we dare not consider when we will arrive. Better to enjoy the sailing and to see the beauty around us.

At 11/29/2015 and 20:59 UTC (GMT) our position was: 01°15.79'N / 132°30.53'E.

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