Saturday 30 April 2016

Just When We Think Our Project List is Shrinking

We had expected to write an update on our relaxing (but very sad, RIP
John) week bobbing in the Rock Islands in a little nook called "Baby
Shark" but "disaster" got in the way. A few hours after motoring slowly
back to our mooring at the RBYC on a calm morning, we returned from a
supply trip by bicycle to town to find our backstay on the deck. On its
way down it gouged the new LP paint on the hard dodger but thankfully
missed all of the solar panels.

This failed tang was about 10 months old. We are oh so very thankful
this did not happen when we were 1000 nm at sea. Our priorities for
Carina have now shifted; our aft chainplates were made in the same shop...

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Thursday 21 April 2016

Eco Glass

At Palau there is an innovative program to turn recycled glass waste
into useful items...or art! The program at the state dump is free;
residents can enroll in a course, but anyone visiting can have a try at
making a drinking glass made from trash! Maki and Waylon are patient
and competent teachers.

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Glorious RAIN!

Today the skies opened up and Palau received a welcome deluge after months of drought. Unfortunately we were downtown Koror with a load of groceries in our backpacks and only our bicycles as transportation. We waited and waited and waited for even a slight break in the driving rainfall, during which time we met George one of the parking attendants at the Western Caroline Trading Company (WCTC) who traded with us stories of cold rain in Seattle (or in his case Tacoma where all of his children live). Finally we shrugged and took off, whooshing down the streets of Koror, trying to avoid cars and buses - "Long Rainbow Happy Tour" - oblivious to the mucky splashes they sent up in our faces. By the time we got back to Sam's - where everyone was abuzz collecting water - we were streaked in mud and soaked to the core. And cold!

At 4/20/2016 and 7:17 UTC (GMT) our position was: 07°20.40'N / 134°27.06'E.

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